April 14, 2011

brighton xo

 one of the hardest parts of travelling is the homesickness that comes with it, and it couldn’t be stronger then around birthday time. if i could make a birthday wish, it would be that i could either fly, or teleport home to my family just for a few days. family is such a big part of my life that a birthday doesn’t feel like one until i’m back with them. my mum told me that a birthday package would be arriving soon through express post- and with so much anticipation i was checking the front door every time i heard a noise! sadly, now weeks and weeks after, my birthday package has never arrived and british mail seem to not know anything about it. she still hasn’t told me what was inside, i know a part of me wouldn’t care if it was air or foam as long as it came from her, or how much the other big part of me wanted it to be herself posted over to jump out and scream “surprise!!”. i still check the post delivery every day..
my birthday itself was unplanned altogether, and turned out to be one of my favourites yet. i am a very very lucky girl who got to spend her 21st on top of the eiffel tower last year, and thought it would be as everyone says, ‘downhill from there’. but they were so wrong! i got to spend the day running around london and especially in hamley’s toy shop acting like it was my fourth birthday instead, to come home to a surprise gathering hosted by my wonderful housemates, including an acoustic birthday song, and birthday cake.
the next day pat took me on the best surprise birthday trip- a night in brighton. exactly what i needed, time near the ocean to clear my head and feel closer to home, and cheap thrift stores! it’s not until you leave the big city that you realize just thankful even your mind is for some space.

 i bought this adorable 50’s insprired vintage polka dot dress from a vintage store in berlin, and thought a birthday as the perfect occassion to wear it for the first time! it has what i call a ‘twirly’ skirt (ask my mum from my childhood, its all i would ever wear..) and pat would have to yell at me to stop spinning in circles trying to get it to spin. unfortunately it is too teeny tiny for this british weather, and will be selling it in my first item’s coming in the next few days.. hopefully someone will love it as much as i do!

the next morning after amazing big breakfast of blueberry pancakes, we headed off for a few short hours of wandering the lanes, and thrift store hunting! brighton is ridiculasly cute for friendly strangers, adorable happy signs, flowers to brighten every display and a hundred other things to get the better of easily distractable me! my finger was constantly snapping away on my camera, below is a mismatched series of brighton wanderings! with limited time i could only go in to a couple of stores, with starfish vintage, snoopers paradise and beyond retro being the lucky few. i regret not buying two things that i took a photo of- the maxi dress i’m holding up, and the eiffel tower shaped crystal bottle. why oh why did i take such a tiny bag away with me!

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  1. firstly i really..really love your blog!! i hink you can be a great tourist guide for shopping spot.secondly i wonder where is the place on the 2nd last picture..