April 14, 2011

glebe & fringe markets xo

 a stunning saturday morning in sydney meant perfect weather for markets, and i think everyone else agreed the day to do so as glebe markets was streaming with people. i’m used to hoards of browsers in european & uk markets, the bigger crowds probably helped with the cold there. but in the heat in sydney, it makes it slightly less enjoyable being too put off by the number of people in a stall, that i tended to just glance in from the safety of shade outside.

glebe markets is set on the oval at glebe primary school, making the stalls feel like they are in such an australian bush setting with tree’s and grass, perfect to grab a bite to eat and relax. i was a bit surprised to see alot of the same vendors from last week at bondi markets, realizing that they must skip every weekend day between sydney marketplaces. there was still an abundance of vintage clothing, jewellery, bric a brac etc, but i couldn’t help but feel like i’d seen it all before, and that to find something great would mean scouring for something i might have missed the week prior. if you havn’t visited any sydney markets yet, i definately recommend glebe markets as a first as it has more stalls, more people, and a bit more choice. i did make one purchase in the day, two silver rings both for only $20, quite happy with that :)

 fringe markets are located in the fringe bar, on oxford street paddington. a beautifully dimly lit room packed full of vintage goods, and ‘up-and-coming designers’. if you are after a small, initimate market with a good selection of clothing, jewellery and sunglasses, this is perfect. some of the prices were extremely good- gorgeous necklaces for about $15, tops for $25, but also some higher- i was being heavily pressured into purchasing a crochet top for $145, though stunning, i had seen that exact top in london for about £25. there is also a stall selling unique vintage sunglasses, in the $50 range which is great for a one of a kind statement peice.

i’m still adjusting after coming from london markets which are more numerous and each are completely different, to sydney’s. but sydney’s make the perfect weekend morning starter to have a few hours browsing with coffee in hand, to retire beachside for the rest of the afternoon.

wearing; one teaspoon dress, topshop handbag, sportsgirl necklace, sunglasses from bondi markets, target boots, rings from glebe markets.

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  1. hey
    i love your blog but im just wondering do you know of any good websites that sell fabulous rings like the ones u take pictures of at the markets? i dont live in a capital city and my closest "markets" are over 2000kms away... :( i am in love with a few of the rings in your pictures! also what brand are your sunglasses? they look like minkpink?