April 14, 2011

phuket xo

during our thailand travels we made a quick decision to save our pennies, and fly home instead of seeing vietnam, laos and cambodia. we really wanted to get there, but thought that sometimes, some trips need to be there own adventures, and that we can always head to asia as its so much closer to australia. we had the perfect few week stopover to relax and ready ourselves in thailand, but after several months away we’re about ready for home. our last few days were pretty daunting, with so much going through our minds about our travels, and coming home for a while.

we spent nearly all of our time in patong just thinking to ourselves by the resort pool having had a peek at patong beach, with huge crowds of tourists, litter and funky smells it wasn’t our cup of tea. instead we tried to wander around the markets and buy last minute gifts for family, but we soon realized we were already in the mentality of flying in to sydney.

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