April 14, 2011

pink horizon xo

a picturesque evening when pat took me to a lookout local to where he lives, that had some of the most breathtaking views to sydney city i’ve ever seen. the majority of big cities i’ve been to around the world are landlocked, so obvious to say the number one reason i love sydney so much is how close it is to the ocean. sometimes it is amazing to just sit with a view like this, and appreciate it as a whole.

i’m currently selling a few item’s in tuula’s ebay store, and will be setting up some markets here and there over the next few weeks. i was waiting on a sea mail shipment that i posted myself before leaving london, but it has been delayed until april- so a big stock of europe vintage will be coming in then! in the meantime, this stunning topshop sheer pleated maxi skirt is available, and i thought a post dedicated to it might help show just how beautiful it is. when i was growing up i would practically demand to only ever wear ‘twirly skirts’, and spend the entire time wether it be at a formal dinner or grocerie shopping, twirling and spinning. this is one of those skirts that makes you want the wind to come along and pick it up, and if it doesn’t- you do it yourself.

wearing; topshop maxi skirt (for sale in tuula’s ebay store now), vintage cream jumper, topshop layla block heels, vintage ysl hangbag, ysl ring & vintage rings.

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