April 14, 2011

saturday markets xo

a beautiful sunny saturday of wandering paddington & glebe markets had me reminising of london’s columbia road on a sunday. paddington houses stunning genuine jewellery and glass works, photography & pottery. whereas glebe is the where to go for second hand & vintage clothing and accessories, costume jewellery and rummaging!

it is also making me realize in hindsight just how much i should have bought overseas. it is great having sydney open to a few different weekend markets and making such a positive vibe, and it might just be me- but everything i’ve seen seems so expensive.
the young designers market i went to previously in the morning was so well priced- that it made me think how good it is that they come into the industry covering costs, but not setting ridiculas prices that might halt getting their name out there. in paddington and glebe markets, the items i spotted and loved were all over around $150. this is really not a whinge- i have a lot of readers whom genuinely want to know the where’s and how much. just in comparison- i have seen exact same items in sydney selling hugely above what i saw them for in london. i am finding it happening even more lately, that i am consistantly coming home empty handed. fingers crossed the next sydney markets visit turns it all around!
no matter what you do or don’t purchase, i still recommend a markets visit every few weekends, it sounds so corny but you never know what you might find!


  1. I need to attend these markets!
    All those gorgeous rings have caught my eye!!

    Always love to read your blog Jess!

    <3 The Sunburn Team


  2. i always go to paddington and glebe markets. honestly my favourite!!! might bump into you next time :)


  3. ahhhhh soooooo many beautiful rings!!!! amazing!