April 14, 2011

wander withdrawals xo

returning home i had kept one roll of my fisheye film undeveloped on purpose, so that when the pangs of wander lusting kicked in too much, i could get it developed and hopefully get by enough on re-living whatever this unknown film held. some of the most amazing moments that somehow creep to the past so quickly, mean so incredibly much when sitting there in a photograph in your hand. every town and wave in cinque terre, my bedroom in london, making friends of strangers, the heat of summer and minus degrees of winter, swimming in new sea’s & oceans, and kissing beneath the eiffel tower.. i absolutely love home and being here for a while, but i can’t help but miss the rest of the world as my home away from home.


  1. Is that Marta from http://martalicious.blogspot.com/?

    She has the most gorgeous, French style.



  2. what kind of camera do you have? that circluar effect looks so good :)