May 4, 2011

Miss Unkon RAFW

Braided hair, tribal paint tattoo's, frills, cut outs and lace... I will be living in/endlessly inspired by Miss Unkon SS 2011/12 'Navajo Girls' next summer.


  1. Love those tribal tattoo things! Their pieces are always beautifully cut!


  2. All so rad. The dress 4th from the bottom is amazing. I actually want it for my end of school formal in 6 months (assuming the front is as nice as the back). When can you get these/see more?

  3. That HAS to be one of the best collections so far this season! Man, I will need to look up stockist info! Cheers.

  4. this is definitely one of my favourite collections! looks like you had prime position - the photos are fantastic and so CLEAR! Rachel Rutt seems to be a popular model this RAFW!

    great post!

    x Lauren

  5. AMAZING AMAZING! love the cuts. love the shaggy cardigan. one of my favourite collections so far! thanks for such clear photos tuula <3 xx

  6. i could honestly wear each andevery peice. love it all.