April 2, 2012

Change Is The Only Constant

"You'll never know if you don't go". I have lived by this, or a hundred versions of similar quotes for the last few years. It is also a large reason why I started a blog at all, posting photos of travel and shopping advice while I was travelling keeping myself in constant motion, that has now adapted in to so much more than I ever expected.  I thrive on and look forward to change; creating it for myself to help me experience and grow, to drive me to see and feel more. It has been a huge part of what I have tried to express by sharing on Tuula and hope my readers can appreciate a little change too.  

There is a change coming to Tuula. On Monday Tuula will be moving to a new blogging platform called FELLT. I am so excited to be a part of FELLT as I know it is another incredible stepping stone towards... well I don't really know. And that is the most exciting part. Anywhere that Tuula takes me is a blessing. I'm just thankful I now get to share the network with so many of the other amazing, influential people I've met via blogging, and the doors it will open to continue being able to share everything and more with my readers. Bookmark Tuula at fellt.com/tuula

March 28, 2012


1/ Hair and makeup for Miss Shop Blogger Project  2/ Cutest cookies en route to Melbourne  3/ Californian palms  4/ Favourite print from LMFF  5/ Daily errands wear in minted loafers  6/ Melbourne macaroon dates  7/ Arm swag over brunch in LA with Jules and Aimee  8/ Shooting in NYC for Dior Addict  9/ Favourite airport terminal reads  10/ Bon Iver at Sydney Opera House  11/ Bloggers printed pants party  12/ Brunswick Street Melbourne  13/ Hot air balloons at sunrise  14/ Afternoon tea at the Intercontinental Rialto  15/ Windy outtake from Miss Shop Blogger Project  16/ Zimmermann's spring prints for European summer  17/ Sunset under Sydney Harbour Bridge

This is a summary of the last few weeks from New York to LA, Melbourne to Sydney thanks to Instagram. Which I am absolutely addicted to. Though I don't think I am the only one? At first I thought myself as sad looking out for something "Instagram worthy"but looking back at the visual diary that now lives in my phone I am so glad it made me eager to look out for moments to capture. Life is amazing (especially when filtered)!