April 14, 2011

bath xo

in desperate need of a break from london, pat and i decided to pack a backpack (yes, one backpack between us both) to bus and train hop for a few days. bath welcomed us with heavy rain and clear air, and amazing old english architecture. despite being peacefully quite, it was so easy to wander for hours appreciating the unexpected romance this place.
quite embarrassingly, we bought tickets to the roman baths expecting a relaxing afternoon thermal spa, only to be told it is a museum only! a bit of a let down seeing as though other roman bath’s are open to public through europe, the assumption was one of my blondest moments yet.

on little spontaneous trips like these where we book last minute and just go with the wind, it gets too hard to look up vintage stores or markets, which makes me so happy to leave it to fate to stumble upon them. walking down a cute & quiet alleyway i found scarlet vintage, which housed the most beautiful vintage camel coloured pleated midi skirt for an extremely reasonable price compared to london.

i was reaching for my wallet to purchase for tuula when pat had to remind me we were sharing the one backpack, and this was a sightseeing trip not a shopping one :(there were also more pricey items like a mint condition 1910 black sequin cocktail dress, that was so delicate - i could see why the price tag was so high for a perfect peice with a hundred years of history. sometimes upon seeing a dress like this i frustrate myself for spending all my pocket money on seeing the world- not splurging on things like it once in a while.

i definately wish we got to spend more time in bath, and with some luggage space, but the one night spent wandering the streets here was refreshing enough to head to the next city… bristol.

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