April 14, 2011

cinque terre xo

cinque terre,
my favourite place on earth.
i apologise in advance as this is more a travel snapshot post rather then fashion spots, as there are only a handful of cars in cinque terre, a supermarket per town, you might imagine how few shops there are. which is exactly why i was so happy to stumble on a tiny jewellery store, to find one of my favourite items this whole trip, my only purchase in the cinque terre.. a vintage, rough cracked amethyst and sterling silver ring (photographed below, more photos coming soon as it is for sale).
the cinque terre, (translated to the five towns, of monterosso, vernazza, corniglia, manarola, riomaggiore) is reatively unknown to those who have not experienced it. in a national park on the italian riviera, i had been counting down to finally being here since i missed out on my travels last year, and it surpassed every expectation i had!
i spent eight amazing nights here, where i don’t think i ever stopped smiling, or eating :) if this isn’t the most beautiful place i have ever been, i don’t know where else is. the water, the cliffs, the sunsets, the vineyards, the wine, the food, the coffee, the gelati… the people! before i came to cinque terre i had thousands of thoughts running through my poor little head, and within hours every worry in the world was gone. places like this makes me really wish i had a memory projector in my head, so you could see what i see. no one could ever leave here unhappy.
apart from eating so much pesto, nutella & breadsticks and gelati that i could barely move.. i met some wonderful girls who kept me company for a few days, and even kicked my bum in to gear and attempted the huge hikes that connect the towns in the national park. unfortunately, i am not exactly the most fit person in the world ha ha, and didn’t do them all like the amazing vikki & lucy, but i did do the hardest & romatic ones… :)
the path between riomaggiore and manarola is famous for its romantic “via dell’ amore” or, “walk of love”. thousands of couples over the years have written their names on padlocks, attached them to the guardrail, and thrown the key into the ocean below to signifying their undying and endless love. in typical romantic fashion it was overwhelmingly beautiful, and depressing at the same time. :) i didn’t leave a padlock, but i left a peace bracelet that i had bought with a close friend, from amsterdam. it was still there the next day so i was very happy to think it might still be if i ever get back here.


  1. Hey, am headed there myself in July, it looks and sounds major! Any suggestions on where to stay?

  2. this has taken my breath away!