April 14, 2011

bisous xo

the eurostar to paris, is my favourite train trip i’ve ever taken. which has been about 4 times return from london now, and every single time is as exciting as the time before. every experience in paris is guaranteed to be different- depending on the season, where you stay, what you do, who you meet and of course- who you go with. there have been times i feel like a complete foreigner to the city and the people- and more recently, like i could easily become a ‘parisien’, and i know pat felt it too.
i booked this trip for pat and i as a pre-christmas present, as i knew a lot was going to change post christmas & new years, and now was the only/ perfect time to go. planned as a shopping trip, as always i try to take as limited clothes etc with us so there is more luggage space to bring new items back. easy move in summer- but during winter when several layers are needed every day makes things like packing and outfits too hard, tights and two pairs of pants just to feel my legs in -8 degrees! even taking our hands out of mittens to snap a photo proved difficult! these photos are mix between my SLR shots, and pat’s film camera.

post shop till we dropped, that night we went to dinner and drinks with my gorgeous friends, Marta & Peirre, who have since become engaged! i first met marta through blogging, at martalicious.blogspot.com, and in real life in paris a few months earlier- and already i could not be happier for them as an amazing couple, but also genuine human beings that deserve so much. they introduced us to some french dishes (benefits of them helping us translate french to english!) at cafe des anges in bastille.

on the second day in paris we planned to go ice skating on the eiffel tower, and prepared for the below freezing weather and wind with hundreds of layers! unfortunately, that same day there was a workers strike, and we couldn’t go up the tower at all. instead we wandered around the grass below and reminisced on our first time in paris. the tower always hits you as much as the first time seeing it, it never sinks in just how big it is until you are standing beneath.

our last few hours in paris were spent watching the sunset from sacre ceur. this was both our first time’s here, and the perfect ending to a perfect visit. do you know ‘those’ sunsets that begin and every single minute just keeps getting better and better then the minute before? just when you think it could not look any more prettier, it becomes even more. seeing paris on fire and the silence of the others around watching, appreciating, made this another of my favourite sunsets of my life.

au revouir for now paree,
bisous, bisous xo

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