April 14, 2011

bangkok xo

leaving london, with so many mixed emotions. within a week of contemplating, we were packed, posted, cleared and cleaning rooms, said goodbyes and flew out.

arriving in bangkok, the first thing that hit us was the heat. with only a few hours of daylight in london, and bleak grey skies at that- it was overwhelming to be suddenly in an oven, with sun blaring down. it made our bodies go in to shock, and made jet lag sink in a lot more then normal. all we could do was wait until the sun was setting before daring to venture outside..

being a summer and ocean baby i struggled a lot with london winter.. but it wasn’t until being removed from it that i realized just how much. it was weird to realize i had not seen my body properly in about 4 months- this might sound silly, but it just felt so different to not have a thousand layers on 24/7, and just being bare with the sun on your skin. it felt like a physical weight off our shoulders, as if we instantly turned on to ‘holiday mode’.

london is a big, busy city, but bangkok felt like people were on top of people. every where i looked seemed to be hotel or apartment blocks, and the streets so packed you could barely walk down, let alone drive. we were glad to only have two nights to recooperate from flying in bangkok, and couldn’t wait to get away from cities and the craziness of it all, to the islands.


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