April 14, 2011

croatia xo

with the summer heat really setting in, it was time to leave those hot city’s where it is impossible to cool down day or night… and head for gorgeous croatia. travelling so much really can be quite tough when always on the get go, i was way overdue for a real rest and relaxation destination!
i had been to croatia before, last year on a sail boat, and i loved being back even more this time and just getting the ferry from a to b. plans to do split, the island of hvar then dubrovnik quickly fell away as we slipped into the summer, beach and boat life of amazing hvar. i have been to dubrovnik before so the fact that it was scrapped didn’t matter too much… sometimes it is just best to take things day by day, book another night after night in the same beautiful place… none of us wanted to ever leave.
i have met quite a lot of people who are hesitant to visit croatia- but there was never a moment i felt unsafe, unwelcome or out of place. i also think people don’t know the real beauty of croatia- it is hard to find such clear water like this elsewhere.
unfortunately the small island of hvar didn’t have any vintage or shopping at all really- which was no doubt good for me to have a week off! but i did manage to find a cute little market, where they were selling cute handmade rings (photo below).
feeling the sunshine on my skin after so long was lethargic to say the least, and made it so easy to slip into the summer life of floating on my back in the mediterranean sea, afternoon siesta’s and gelati for dinner! 

another thing that croatia does amazingly well- one of the best sunsets on earth. every single evening we would make sure we were there to watch it from it starting to go to bed, until the last light, and there was barely a word spoken inbetween. i might mention having shivers a lot, but it is moments like these that really let you escape deep into your thoughts, that photographs and words will never give justice to, and the memory is so bittersweet that you know you will never remember that overwhelming, fleeting feeling quite as well as you did in that very moment.
croatia, welcome to one of my top three most beautiful places on earth :)

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