April 14, 2011

nice xo

of course thunderstorms began to follow me along the italian & french riviera, but i managed to have one afternoon outside enjoying the beachside, flower market and old town of nice, before the rain and winds came. i spent around a week in nice last year, visiting monacco and st tropez too, so it wasn’t a big problem to have to spend a few days indoors. if you ever get a chance to go to nice.. go parasailing. i did it last year, my bikini top came off at one point, but it is so worth it! just make sure you take your flip flops to help manage the rocky beach, and double knot that bikini!
i know it looks like i only have one dress in my suitcase, ha ha! but i always forget to take photos, and always happen to be wearing this one when i remember. it certainly was the most perfect, pretty floral dress for summer.. so i’m not too ashamed to be such an outfit repeater :) 

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  1. hey is this the very first post on your blog??? or is the rest somewhere else? :)