April 14, 2011

koh samui xo

leaving the heat of bangkok in excitement for a relaxing week in the sun and sea, we flew in to koh samui and into bad weather. thunderstorms and torrential downpours meant at most 15 minutes of no rain. the beauty of travelling is never knowing what you are going to come across or get, and despite having our hopes up of lazing like lizards by the pool and soaking up months of sunshine we had missed in london, we ended up having nearly a week of pure relaxing, unwinding and adjusting.

i decided to go back to basics for thailand, to cleanse and be happy with what was me, and everything we had there… culling myself of a wardrobe, junk food, all makeup and washing my hair. such little things that somehow creep into everyday life, that once without you realize just how little you need them before you step out into the day. at first it wasn’t the most appealing to not be able to get a brush through my matted hair or skin breaking out in the heat, but a few days and weeks into it and the results are definitely there. pat was also excited about this as it means a lot less luggage, we had enough to only fill one backpack between us both. perfect!

we stayed in a beautiful resort at lamai beach, on the east side of the island. with not too much to do we loved the simple days of sleeping in during storms, an afternoon walk on the beach and if we were lucky, the weather clearing for an amazing sunset from the resort’s private beach.  i can’t begin to explain how different thailand / asia is to travel within than other countries i have been to, it was the first time i have ever been away and felt like i was on an actual ‘holiday’. 



  1. hey where are your sunglesses from and what brand?

  2. The two of you are so sweet & seem so in love. it's great! :)