May 10, 2011

Bowie RAFW

I'm not sure if it was the exhaustion of the week, or if it was the anticipation of the climactic final RAFW show, but it wasn't only smoke that filled Bowie's show with the feeling of electricity and magic in the air. Stunning creations of individually cut flowers, entire feather gowns, beading and intricate origami folds. It was like watching paper cranes come to life on the misty, crystal salt filled runway.


  1. this is amazing i loved the beaded dress! coming from me its only what u'd expect hahaha!

  2. I loved this show so much! Haha - I can see myself looking at my camera in pic 5 :P

  3. i like their hair :) cool! really nice runway!

  4. hi girl

    i have been following all your RAFW posts, but i have to say that this by far is my best. it is so uniquely over-the-top.

    the intricate details of the dresses are so so beautiful!

    i can completely understand why the show was so magical - wish i could have been there to see it myself!

    -fb X

  5. Hey! just found your blog. Your style is amazing! And iv been devouring all your travel posts.. Iv been to most of the places you posted about so it´s nice to reminisce :)
    I did a little post on you on my blog, feel free to check it out x

  6. Oh WOW! What a beautiful collection - I didn't see this! Thanks so much for sharing. Just came across your blog from Fashioncanvas. Amazing. Looking forward to seeing the rest of your blog X


  7. amazing dress, the details are great!