May 10, 2011

Stolen Girlfriends Club RAFW

Stolen Girlfriends Club are the perfect example of extremely talented, young and upcoming designers that it literally made me grin like a giddy school girl to see. This New Zealand trio, whom started out making printed tee's, gave this year's RAFW the refreshing edge it had missing all week. The collection was shown in two halves, one light, one dark.  Starting with a romantic mix of garden party prints fused with western leather and seude cut out decals, followed by the dark grunge of deep blues and purples. I would die to get my paws on the garden print 'pompom' mini dress pictured above. Watch this space- these lads have got it going on.


  1. Pretty patterns! It all looks so promising! Lovely mix! XO Raspberry & Rouge

  2. ah literally just made a post about this. it's just perfect! although the grunge looks weren't my favourite.

  3. i wish i went to this one with you, i think i would have loved it! No one told me they wore creepers! fun

    spin dizzy fall

  4. They seemed to have absolutely rocked it. Wish I was there. Such a magnificent New Zealand brand, one of my favorite designers on the rise.

  5. Oh Emma, I wish you had came! It was so young and preppy, really refreshing from all the same other pieces we saw all week...

    They used Jeffrey Campbell for all the shoes, mainly the creepers. Would I look weird with a pair? Tempting...


  6. i LOVE stolen gf's club soo much fell in love with them when i was living in nz an modeled for them like 2 years ago there such awesome boys soo good to see nz brands kicking it over here at aussie fashion week

    ♥ Rochelle Fox